Statutory Certification

One of the most rigorous & significant service of professional is issuance of certificates to its client required for various purposes under different relevant rules & regulation. Broadly, following types of certificates are being needed by the business houses based upon their constitution/ the privileges being be pleased by them under the law, financial arrangement with the financial institution, benefit & deductions to be claimed under statue and periodical compliance of relevant rules & regulation.

  • Certification financial books of accounts & financial statements.
  • Certification of statutory records & liabilities being maintained under Indian Companies Act, Income tax, Excise & Custom Act, and other applicable laws.
  • Certification for foreign remittance to foreign entity outside India.
  • Utilization certificates of various grants to NGO’s, Statutory Bodies, Autonomous Bodies, and charitable organizations.
  • Certificates for claiming various deductions & exemption under various rules & regulation.
  • Net worth Certificates needed for the purpose of Bank finances, furnishing of Bank guarantee etc.  Certification for arm’s length price under Transfer Pricing regulations, Exchange Control legislation for imports, remittances, ECB, DGFT, EOU, etc.