Our Some Habits Hold us back from Success

Below is listing of 12 destructive Habits Holding you back from success……

  • SEEKING APPROVAL: If you are focused on what others think of you, you are not listening to yourself.
  • SHIFTING THE BLAME: Stop looking for reasons why it is not your fault and consider what changes you should make to fix the problem.
  • UNDEFINED GOAL:– Without a plan to pull you into the future, you can easily go off course without even knowing it.
  • NEGLECTING YOUR HEALTH: Letting yourself fall into bad health habits will leave you mentally and physically exhausted, stressed and prone to illness.
  • SELF DOUBTING: If you constantly doubt and question your goals, your pessimistic feelings will become self fulfilling.
  • INACTION: Procrastination is  the quicksand of accomplishment.Failure to keep moving forward lead to stagnation.
  • FEEDING DISTRACTIONS: Stop feeding your distraction constantly and stifling your achievements.
  • PUTTING YOURSELF OR OTHERS DOWN: If you constantly engage in negative self-talk or putting others down, you are only inviting negativity into your life.
  • STAYING IN YOUR OWN COMFORT ZONE:– You will never know what you are capable of unless you try.
  • THE NEED TO BE PERFECT: Instead of setting unattainable expectation for yourself, accept that you will make mistakes.
  • WAITING FOR THE RIGHT TIME: If you refuses to jump into the fray until it feels like the “right” time, you may spend your life as a benchwarmer.
  • NOT HAVING A BUDGET: Careless spending can easily lead to financial undoing, which will seriously undermine your chances for success…

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